Adventure and thematic trails in the Latemarium

Explore the best hiking trails in the Dolomites

The summer bargains have just gotten even better: The Latemar Massif is a jewel of Mother Nature, and forms the breathtaking backdrop for the Latemarium – a playground where you can experience the most-varied and interesting of experiences in Obereggen, Pampeago, and Predazzo. This fabulous massif – surrounded by unique hiking trails was declared by the UNESCO to be the most-beautiful and valuable landscapes of the world on the basis of their geological, botanical, and aesthetic characteristics. The new thematic trails in South Tyrol and Trentino will lead you through ancient alpine forests and verdant meadows to managed alpine huts. And the easy accessibility makes a stay in Obereggen, Pampeago, or Predazzo an alpine experience for the whole family.

Latemarium: The most-beautiful thematic trails in South Tyrol and Trentino

In the UNESCO World Nature Heritage Site of the Dolomites, hiking is a pleasure for the whole family. The varied thematic trails in South Tyrol / Trentino enthrall visitors to the Latemarium.

  • Latemar.Natura
    Adventure Trails for families

    Adventure Trails for families and nature-lovers through alpine landscapes and altitude zones.

    Discover route Latemar.Natura
  • Latemar.Panorama
    Hiking with a view

    Adventure Hiking Trail to the region's most-spectacular outlook points, with lots of educational and informative stories.

    Discover route Latemar.Panorama
  • LATEMAR.360°
    In Obereggen, you can hike and enjoy the best panorama

    A panorama platform with stunning views of the most-prominent summits and mountains of the Alps.

    Discover route LATEMAR.360°
  • Latemar.Relax
    Prendersi tempo

    Take your time, stop for a moment, and soak up the beauty of Mother Nature amid sunny and shady places.

    Discover route Latemar.Relax
  • Latemar.Alp

    In one of the highest-elevation art exhibition sites of the world, you'll find works of famed artists alternating with interactive stations.

    Discover route Latemar.Alp
  • Latemar.Art

    A challenge for mountain-climbers headed for the summit as they pass by awe-inspiring cliffs – to be rewarded with majestic vistas.

    Discover route Latemar.Art
  • Latemar.Run

    One jogging path leads to the mountain station of the Oberholz Aerial Lift and offers perfect conditions and fantastic vistas.
    Attention: Latemar path. Run No. 22 closed for works

    Discover route Latemar.Run
  • Latemar.Bike
    Biking tour: the Latemar Roundtrip

    A paradise for mountainbikers, with the special "Latemar Roundtrip".

    Discover route Latemar.Bike
  • Latemar.Meteo

    This newly designed trail will make you discover, experiment, listen and evaluate the weather and its effects.

    Discover route Latemar.Meteo
  • Latemar.Parole in alto
    A path capable of inspiring stories from famous writers

    NEWS SUMMER 2023: A path capable of inspiring stories from famous writers.

    Discover route Latemar.Parole in alto
  • Latemar MontagnAnimata

    Fantastic dragon stories. Stories of shepherds, woodcutters, beekeepers and mountain guides.

    Discover route Latemar MontagnAnimata
  • Larch little forest

    A little above Obereggen, you'll find the so-called "Lärchenwaldele" ("Little Larch Forest")

    Discover route Larch little forest