Latemar.Parole in alto

A path capable of inspiring stories from famous writers

From the Monte Agnello Refuge to the In-Treska Restaurant, where you can admire one of the most stunning panoramas of the Dolomites, you walk on the path that inspired famous writers while listening to their stories through headphones!

That’s right. Along this flat path, with slight slopes, it is possible to listen to two stories set on the path.

The first is written by the Campiello Prize finalist Antonio Pascale, the second by the writer and photographer Elena Guerri Dall’Oro.

Parole in Alto is the first editorial experiment that invites you to listen to a story directly in the location that inspired the author.

Thanks to the technical collaboration of Miscele d’Aria Factory, your listening experience will be completely immersive.

Rent the audio system, consisting of a smartphone with App and acoustic headphones, at a cost of €10 per day.