Activities and events

Activities and events at Latemarium are based on pedagogy, emotions, peace, and calm, and they are suitable for all, from the youngest to the oldest.

Summer at Latemarium is usually rich of activities and events. Due to current events, summer 2020 will have to include some adjustments in order for our programme to be in compliance with the necessary measures, but to also allow you to spend a nice day.
Fresh mountain air, breath-taking sceneries, many theme-specific paths in the Dolomites, World Heritage Site, only 15 minutes from Cavalese and 20 minutes from Bolzano, in the Fiemme Valley and in the Ega Valley.

You can choose your favourite activity, or a relaxing walk from the programme “Excursions and Tales”, with mythological characters who have something important to tell us.

Admire the spectacular international works of land art, along with someone who saw them while they were being created and has many anecdotes, episodes, and meaningful stories to tell you.

The “Excursion and Tales” dedicated to Om Selvadech is planned to take place on Tuesdays in July and August.
“Breathing Art and Nature” will take place on Wednesdays in July and in August.
The concerts of the Season of the Latemar Theatre will be every other Thursday.

Find out the detailed programme below.

    “Do not call me… El Krampus. Searching for Om Selvadech”

    Tuesdays, from 6 July to 31 August

    Departure from Pampeago, Rifugio Monte Agnello, at 9.30 – 10.30 – 11.30
    Duration: 1 hour, simple path, no strollers
    Reserve your place by 6:30pm of the previous day by calling +39 331 9241567

    Often glimpsed, never photographed. He lives on the margins of the traditions of his South Tyrol relative. Some call him "Om Selvadech", others call him David.... He has been observing us for a long time and he knows us very well. He knows that Nature is not merciless, we are merciless when we cannot listen to her...

  • RespirArt

    Wednesdays, from 6th July to 7th September

    Departure from Pampeago, Monte Agnello lift, at 9.30
    Duration: about 2 hours, a simple path with a 150m difference in altitude, no strollers
    Reserve your place by 6:30pm of the previous day by calling +39 331 9241567. Free activity, cost of the lift

    In Pampeago, you fly over RespirArt, the highest art park in the world (2,200 altitude), traveling on the first and only "Chairlift-Seminovia".

    At 9.30 am, in front of the Agnello Chairlift-Seminovia, you will meet the artistic guide who gives you the seeds and accompanies you to sow flowers from above, to generate flowers and thus feed the earth, bees, goats and cows. Then, the guide takes you to discover the park's works of art. Listening to it, along the 3 km loop, you will discover the inspirations of the artists who created gestures of art in the presence of the Latemar.

  • RespirArt

    Fridays, from 1st July to 2nd September

    Departure from Pampeago, Monte Agnello lift, at 9.30
    Duration: about 2 hours, a simple path with a 150m difference in altitude, no strollers
    Reserve your place by 6:30pm of the previous day by calling +39 331 9241567. Free activity, cost of the lift

    You create. And in the highest art park in the world, sow flowers and gestures of environmental art. In Pampeago, the RespirArt environmental and artistic laboratory, for adults and children. The creative experience invites you to throw meadow flower seeds from the chairlift-seminovia, to generate flowers and thus feed the earth, bees, goats and cows. Then, an environmental art workshop starts.

    Appointment at 9.30 am at the departure of the Agnello Chairlift-Seminovia with the artistic guide who gives you the seeds to fly over the RespirArt park generating flowers. Then the natural raw materials are collected to create and place land art pieces along the 3km loop.

  • Latemarium

    in summer, ever day

    alpine meadows

    When hiking through the alpine meadows in South Tyrol / Trentino, the focus is on pleasure. The countless hiking trails of the Latemarium are just as suitable for families as for ambitious hikers. While enjoying the breathtaking vistas along the panorama trails and occasionally stopping at the instructional stations (where you can discover interesting facts about the flora and fauna, history and legends of the region), there's still always time for a refreshing stop at one of the cozy alpine huts which dot the Dolomites. Under the motto of "The Sweet Hut Tour," the gourmets and gourmands among our visitors are guaranteed a superlative culinary experience. Eight alpine huts and refuges offer a variety of traditional desserts which are sure to tempt your palate! What better way to interrupt a long hike through the meadows or make a pause during a pleasant stroll? Local specialties like dumplings, pastries, "Kaiserschmarrn" – these mouth-watering morsels of the Sweet Hut Tour will double your hiking-pleasure.

    The season of “Latemar Theatre”

    Pampeago hosts a season of “artistic” concerts at the “Latemar Theatre”, surrounded by RespirArt Arts Park.

    Concerts take place at the Latemar Theatre, near Chalet Caserina, at 12.00. In case of bad weather, concerts are cancelled.

    - THURSDAY 07.07, 12.00: with the accordion of Rocco Davide Fiorenza, homage to Pink Floyd
    - THURSDAY 21.07, 12.00: Trio P. Deiro, "from ... to .... 360 ° music"
    - SATURDAY 07.30, 9.30 am: RespirArt Day, inauguration of new works of art
    - THURSDAY 08.04, 12.00: Cembrabrass quintet, "Melodies from the world"
    - THURSDAY 11.08, 12.00: with Gianluca Campi's accordion, "The champion on the Alps"
    - THURSDAY 18.08, 12.00: PentaQuintett wind quintet, "Cinema in Quota"

    For more information: 0462 813265 - - ​​


    Sunday 31st July 2022 - at 5.30 a.m.

    Pampeago, loc. Buse de Tresca

    In the presence of the Dolomites, festival of popular and mountain songs with the Genzianella di Tesero choir.



    The Tonda del Danilo of the summer 2021, given the situation of uncertainty linked to the event due to the Covid19 pandemic, is canceled.

    Appointment in 2022, in the hope of being able to return to our magnificent event.


    Sunday 21st August - from 10.00 all day


    Big party under the awning to celebrate St. Bartholomew: mass, alpine lunch, music and dance.

  • I Suoni delle Dolomiti
    I Suoni delle Dolomiti

    Venerdì 26 agosto 2022 - ore 12.00

    Pampeago - M.te Agnello - loc. La Porta

    Amsterdam Sinfonietta

    L’orchestra di musicisti da camera composta da 22 elementi, sotto la guida del direttore artistico Candida Thompson, propone l’originale cifra stilistica di eseguire per il pubblico i grandi classici attraverso moderne riletture.

    Per il concerto che sale attraverso le installazioni artistiche di LandArt, valore aggiunto dell’appuntamento, Amsterdam Sinfonietta suona musiche di Maurice Ravel, Joseph Kosma, Ludwig van Beethoven, Ralph Vaughan Williams in originali arrangiamenti. Per questa peculiarità di arricchire il proprio repertorio spaziando dai classici a opere di nuova commissione, legando tradizione e innovazione, l’orchestra è invitata sui palchi più


    Sunday 11th September 2022

    After years of running on Mount Cornon, the Latemar Mountain Race rises in altitude and goes to meet the beauty of the Dolomites by entering the Latemar group. A more varied route suitable for both the needs of the top runners and the desire of amateurs to try their hand in the mountain environment on trails with breathtaking and challenging views at the right point.

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