Hiking with a view

The Hiking Trail Latemar.Panorama gives you the opportunity to stroll through the spectacular Dolomites and enjoy the magnificent views. In the Latemarium, you are afforded the best views, can expand your knowledge about the region, pause at little rest-stops you’ll find along the way, and take in the breathtaking long-distance vistas of the wonderful Dolomites. The thematic trails of the Latemarium are waiting for you!

The joy of hiking

On the Latemar, you can undertake a variety of hikes and enjoy fascinating and unforgettable views. The Oberholz mountain station is the starting-point for well-practiced hikers. Trail No. 18 will take you to the Latemar.360° viewing platform. You can then proceed along Trail No. 22 to the Feudo Pass. For three and a half kilometers, this trail winds right underneath the rocky cliffs and past numerous information stations. The flora and fauna, the border conflict about timber resources with the neighboring Fleims Valley, the unusual features of the mountain, and the legendary figures of the Latemar: In Obereggen, you can hike right through the pages of history of the region.

Guaranteed relaxation

Like the name says: Latemar.Panorama will take you to the choice outlooks of the Latemar. Along the way, you’ll find plenty of little rest-stops made of gabion components and/or steel mesh where you can pause and take in the fabulous scenery. These rest-stops are constructed of Dolomite rocks and feature couches or seats made of Larch wood where you can take a breather. Along the entire route – through the verdant Reiterjoch meadows on Trail No. 504/505 to the Zischg Alm and Ganischger Alm, via Trail No. 9 to the Weigler Schupf and past the Mayrl Alm on Trail No. 23 all the way back to the starting-point – hikers with the necessary fitness can focus solely upon the unbelievable natural beauty of the scenery.

The Latemar is a hiker’s paradise. Have you already found suitable lodgings? The Latemarium Overview is sure to have just the right thing for you. And if you have any questions about the exciting panorama hikes, just send us a short message – we’ll be glad to help you!